Stillwater Township Elementary School

Achieving Excellence In Education

Our Mission

  • The Stillwater Township School, a high-achieving, rural school of excellence, works in partnership with students, parents, staff and a caring community to provide every student a progressive and nurturing educational environment designed to maximize individual potential, instill self-esteem, promote citizenship and foster an appreciation for local history and a passion for life-long learning. 

    To achieve this end, the Stillwater Education Partners will:

    1. Provide a challenging, dynamic educational program that meets the needs and talents of each individual student and enables them to achieve and exceed the New Jersey Student Learning Standards at each grade level;
    2. Encourage the capacity to think critically, solve problems and work in a cooperative manner;
    3. Provide opportunity for community input and advice;
    4. Emphasize continuing staff and curriculum development; and
    5. Utilize district resources in an efficient manner.


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