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    This year I am teaching 1st and 2nd grade resource center language arts and math.  In addition, I am teaching several groups of students in a variety of grades.

    The resource center is a great way to provide small group instruction so students can maximize their educational success, and encourage students to focus and improve the foundational skills that are difficult for them.

    In language arts resource center, I use differentiated guided reading groups, work to strengthen  students' basic writing skills, and I use the Wilson Fundations program. In math resource center, I use the school wide program, Envision Math, and I strengthen foundational skills using the multisensory program, Touch Math. Using Touch Math, students learn the given touch points for each number, and students apply the points to make addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division easier.    

    My goal is for all my students to be as successful as possible, and provide the supports necessary for them to achieve success everyday.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching and I am looking forward to beginning my 9th year at Stillwater with a wonderful group of students.


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