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    We continue to use the enVisionMath Common Core program in our school. The domains are the same for all grades. The domains include: Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Measurement and Data, and Geometry. There are 16 topics of study that correspond with the four domains. In second grade, problem solving is a critical component. Children are often asked not only to showtheir work but to explain their thinking. Several skills are expected to be mastered in second grade. Mastery of addition and subtraction facts up to the number 18 is expected.

    Language Arts

    Reading with your child every day is crucial to developing positive reading attitudes and reading fluency.  Selecting good literature helps ensure both interest and involvement in reading.  Literature selections may include poetry, chapter books, fiction, non-fiction, comics, and short stories, as well as your child’s old favorites.  In order to provide access to affordable, age appropriate reading materials, a Scholastic book order will be available each month.  Of course a trip to the local library is also a great resource and time well spent.

    We are a literature rich classroom! Literature is a significant part of our daily learning. Every week we have a shared read aloud. Each child is provided a copy of the same book. This gives the children the opportunity to follow along and study the illustrations and the authors writing style. This “feature of the week” book is available all week for the children to revisit, reread, and browse as we utilize the book for various learning opportunities. We also buddy read beginning chapter books. Some of the books we have already read are: Frog and Toad and Henry and Mudge.  If you want more ideas for beginning chapter books, please check out our classroom library!

    Author Studies: The following are a few of the authors we will study: Amelia Bedeilia, Vera Williams, Judy Blume and Jan Brett.

    Writing: We write every day in second grade! Journals, super sentences, letters, cards, lists, word work, spelling words; we are busy little bees! Things to focus on: Complete sentences, punctuation, legibility, details, and more details. Remember: Who/What/Where/When/Why

    Social Studies

    Our topics of study include: Friends, Community and Community Helpers, Christopher Columbus and Map Skills, Native Americans, Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Martin Luther King Jr., Presidents and American Symbols, and Economics.


    Our topics of study include:  Earthworms, Light, Shadows, and Sound, Penguins, Polar Regions and Habitats, Weather, Dinosaurs, Natural Resources, Space, Earth, Moon and Sun, Human Body, Aquarium and Water Habitats, 


    Your child will have math and spelling homework four nights a week. Spelling homework is to be completed in the spelling journal provided. Reading Logs are to be completed Mon through Thursday as well. 

    Spelling Homework Menu

    Repetition: Write your words three times each using a fun writing tool, such as a pen or colored pencil.

    Sentences: Use each spelling word in a sentence. (underline the spelling words)

    Pattern Words: using colored pencils or crayons to make an AB pattern with your words. 

    ABC Order: Write your words in alphabetical order.

    ROY G BIV: Write your words in rainbow order. 

    Red and Blue letters: Write the consonants in blue and the vowels in red.

    Fancy Words: Write your words in bubble letters, squiggly or swirls.

    CAPS: Write your words using all CAPITAL letters.

    Finger Writing: write your words on a window, mirror, on someone’s back, or in shaving cream. (Write a sentence in your spelling journal stating which finger writing activity you completed.)

    Type: type all of your spelling words on the computer.

    Rhyme Time: write your words with a rhyming word next to them.

    Play Ball: bounce a ball while spelling your words aloud. (Write a complete sentence in your spelling journal stating that you chose this activity.)

    Waterfall Words: for example, using the word “that”

    • t
    • th
    • tha
    • that

    Add Your Words: vowels are worth 10 and consonants are worth 5. Write your words and then add the value of each word.

    Example: (that) 5+5+10+5=25

    Magazine Words: with permission from a parent or guardian, use an old magazine or newspaper and find your words or the letters that make up the words. Glue them in your spelling journal.


    You will receive a monthly lunch calendar. The cost of lunch is $2.85. The link to Payforit.net is under links. click on Parent Resources for all cafeteria prices and lunch menus.

    Classroom Management

    I will be utilizing the Bucket Filling classroom management strategy in our classroom. The concept of bucket filling comes from a book, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”. This constructive approach will encourage positive thinking, foster friendships, increase self-esteem, promote positive behavior, and make our classroom a safe and happy place! 


    Please let me know in advance, if you plan to send in a special snack for your child’s birthday. At this time, we have 12 students in our class. 

    Box Tops for Education

    Each Box Top coupon is worth 10¢ for your school. You can clip Box Tops coupons from hundreds of your favorite products. Send them in to school in your child’s red folder.  Look online for a complete list of all products: http://www.boxtops4education.com


    Scholastic Book Clubs

    A new order form is sent home each month.  These books are priced reasonably and the children love them! (They are very excited when the book order arrives.) If you ever want to order books and surprise your child, please send me a note and I will contact you when the order arrives. Otherwise, the book order will be sent home with your child. Any questions, you can email or drop me a note.

    Only checks are accepted, NO CASH.

    Checks are payable to: Scholastic Reading Club

    Online Class Code: FZY26



    "The more that you read, the more things you will know.

    The more you learn, the more places you'll go."

    — Dr. Seuss



    The Pledge of Kindness

    I pledge to myself,

    On this very day,

    To try to be kind,

    In every way.

    To every person,

    Big or small,

    I will help them,

    If they fall.

    When I love myself,

    And others, too,

    That is the best, 

    That I can do.

    Thank you for visiting our class webpage. I sincerely enjoy teaching and working at Stillwater Schoool. Your children make my day, every day!  We are lucky to have each other and this wonderful school! We are off to a terrific start!

    Keep in touch,

    Stacy Murphy

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