• Welcome to Mrs. Piazza's Visual Arts Class!


     "It is Art that makes life, makes importance, and I know of no substitute for the force and beauty of it's process." 

    ~ Henry James ~


    What's happening in the art room?

    Mindfulness- Beginning January 2nd 2020, all classes will begin their art period with a mindful breathing exercise to help calm the mind, relax the body, become present in the moment and open up for creativity.

    STEAM-  The new STEAM cycle will begin Tuesday December 3rd. Our STEAM art classes will be completing the centerpieces for the Senior Luncheon being held at the school on 12/11/19. Once complete, our student will continue to explore the connection between Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

    6th Grade-  The 6th grade class has begun a study of Movement and Rhythm with Degas. After a review of the Impressionist style of art, students will be required to show an understanding of proportion of the human body and how to create movement in their work. 

    5th Grade- Our 5th graders are currently involved in a still-life painting inspired by Cezanne. This study includes overlapping shape, color, space & form as elements of design. 

    4th Grade- The 4th grade class recently began the clay process of pinch pots. Space, form, symbols, pattern, Native American art and clay/glazing techniques are focused on during this project.

    3rd Grade- Our 3rd graders will begin exploring landscape design and how space is created when using the rules of perspective. A crayon resist watercolor painting will be produced, depicting a winter landscape.  

    2nd Grade- The 2nd grade class is in the process of completing a unique painting of an Owl Silhouette. This project involves chalk pastel showing shape and value in color, as well as, black tempera painted line & shape for the Owl's silhouette in a tree. 

    1st Grade-  Our 1st grade classes are in the process of creating paintings inspired by Mondrian. After a review of line & shape, students were asked to create a geometric design and paint in various shapes using only the primary colors. 

    Kindergarten- The Kindergarten classes will be exploring techniques in painting, printmaking and collage while demonstrating an understanding of line, shape, color & pattern within various art activities.

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