• Things You Can Help Your Child With:

    • Write his / her name
    • Identify all the upper and lowercase letters
    • Learn all the letter sounds
    • Identify the numbers 1 - 20
    • Count up to 30 ( or even 100 )
    • Identify the Kindergarten sight words
    • Learn phone number and address
    • Know age and birthday
  • Kindergarten Sight Words POP!    

    Sight words or “popcorn word” are high frequency words seen often in print. We refer to them as “popcorn” words because they often “pop” up when we are reading. Some of these words are difficult to sound out and thus require some memorization. Sight word recognition is very important in developing reading fluency. The better the fluency, the easier it will be for your child to comprehend what was read. 


    I             a            can          see          am           an           and          the

    yes          no         mom         dad          me          my          you          your

    it            we           he           she          his          her         him          they

    is           was          be           are          to           too          has          had

    have       get         got           for          of          like          look          say        

    said        but          go           play         will         help          do           not

    so           up            on            at           in           into          by            big

    all          this         here         with        


    zero       one          two         three       four       five        

    six          seven       eight       nine         ten      


    brown     black       gray        white       pink        red        

    orange     yellow      green      blue        purple

  • Kindergarten Reading Strategies:

    -  track the print from left to right / top to bottom

    -  look at the pictures for clues

    -  say the sound of the first/beginning letter of each word

    -  “tap”/sound out the letter sounds in 3 letter CVC words

    -  identify “popcorn” words (listed above)


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