• Welcome to Pinwheel


    Pinwheel is the name given to a Stillwater Township School program offering gifted services in grades 3-6. Below is a sampling of activity topics that may be explored. Other topics may be introduced based upon student interest and relevance.

    *Grade 3*

    Students explore a variety of topics through interdisciplinary experiences. Students are involved in the Brain Bowl, explore countries of the world through their Passport Travel Unit, and investigate STEM through Brown Bag Challenges. Other extension activities that support regular education curriculum include unusual plant experiments.

    *Grade 4*

    Through cross-curricular activities like Design a Zoo, Brown Bag Challenges, Brain Bowl and independent plant/seed learning projects, students continue to hone their critical and creative thinking skills.

    *Grade 5*

    Students complete a Skyscraper Challenge and other STEM activities, experiment with seeds and plants, and participate in the Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl.

    *Grade 6*

    Students learn using activities like the Stock Market Game, Pyramid Archaeology, seed and plant exploration, coding and participate in the Thinking Cap Bowl.