ESEA Information

  • 2021-2022 Allocation 

    Stillwater Township Board of Education receives federal funds through the ESEA grant program in three different areas:

    Title I:  $74,014

    Title IIA:  $11,232

    Title IV: $10,000

    Total ESEA Grant Funds: $95,246

Title 1 District-School Parental Involvement & Family Engagement Requirements

  • The LEA complies with the Stevens Amendment by ensuring that press releases, bid solicitations and other documents funded in whole or in part with federal money clearly state the percentage and dollar amount of programs/activities financed with federal funds: The percentage of the total program cost, the dollar amount for the program and the percent and dollar amount of the total cost financed by non-governmental sources. U.S. Department of Education Appropriations Act, Section 511