Star of the Week

Star of the Week

  • The Thursday prior to your child's assigned week I will send home a folder.  The folder has information about what we will do to celebrate your child during his or her special week.  It also has two “All About Me” pages for you to fill out as a family.  Additionally, you will find a picture book about being the classroom star that is a fun read-aloud for you and your child to enjoy the weekend before your First Grader has a turn to be our Star.  On Monday, please return the “Star of the Week” folder, the book, and the completed pages to be displayed in the classroom.  Send in five special items to display in the classroom.  These items should be important but will be handled by others, so please keep this in mind.  It is suggested that you send copies of family photos.  Below you will find the ”Star of the Week” activities listed:

     Monday: Please have your child bring in one picture of themselves along with a picture of the family. They can also bring in favorite toys, stuffed animals and collections (stamps, rocks, etc.). These items will be on display in the classroom through Friday. Please limit your child to five favorite things.  These items should also be of appropriate size and content.

    Tuesday: The class will create an acrostic poem using the Star of the Week’s name

    Wednesday: The class will write and illustrate why they think our Star of the Week is so unique.

    Thursday:  Your child can bring his or her favorite healthy snack to share with the class.

    Friday:   Please invite your child's favorite person (grandparent, parent, aunt, uncle, etc.) to class.  This person will read a story to the class and share special memories with the class.  Your child's special person can arrive at 2:30.