2021-2022 Notice of Professionals

  • Stillwater Township Board of Education

    Notice of Contracts Awarded

    The Board of Education of the Township of Stillwater in the County of Sussex, New Jersey (the “Board”) has awarded the following contracts without competitive bidding for professional services/extraordinary unspecifiable services for the 2021-2022 school year, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-5(a)(1&2)

    Energy Cooperation                                          ACES

    School Physician                                              Skylands Pediatrics

    Insurance Fund                                                 NJ Schools Insurance Group

    District Architect                                              Parette Somjen Architects

    Environmental Consultants                               Westchester Environmental, LLC

    VSWS Operator                                               Agra Environmental

    Board Attorney                                                Sciarrillo, Cornell, LLC

    Board Auditor                                                  Ardito & Co., LLC

    Medical Insurance Fund                                    Schools Health Insurance Fund

    Medical Insurance Agent of Record                   Treadstone Risk Management, LLC

    Accounting/Personnel Software Provider           CDK Systems

    Payroll Computer Service Provider                    R&L Datacenters, Inc.

    Risk Management Consultant                            The Morville Agency/Gallagher


    Posted:  May 11, 2021