2023-2024 Notice of Professionals

  • Stillwater Township Board of Education

    Notice of Contracts Awarded

    The Board of Education of the Township of Stillwater in the County of Sussex, New Jersey (the “Board”) has awarded the following contracts without competitive bidding for professional services/extraordinary unspecifiable services for the 2023-2024 school year, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-5.  These services are authorized by law, regulated by law requires knowledge of an advanced type in a field of learning acquired by a prolonged formal course of specialized instruction and study.  The resolutions and contracts are on file and available for public inspection at the Stillwater Township Board of Education Office.





    Asset Appraisal Firm

    Kroll, LLC


    School Physician

    Skylands Pediatrics


    Behavioral Consultant

    Applied Behavioral Consulting, LLC

    $130.00/hr, not to exceed $40,000

    District Architect

    Parette Somjen Architects

    $50-$178/hour rates

    Fees are approved at a total cost per project.

    VSWS Operator

    Agra Environmental


    Water Testing

    Agra Environmental

    Varies per test as required by DEP, Costs not to exceed $15,000

    Board Attorney

    Cornell, Merlino, McKeever, & Osborne, LLC


    Not to exceed $40,000

    Board Auditor

    Ardito & Co., LLC


    Accounting/Personnel Software Provider

    CDK Systems



    Payroll Computer Service Provider

    R&L Datacenters, Inc.


    Not to exceed $20,000

    Physical Therapy

    Joanne Welles

    $110/hour, Not to exceed $20,000

    Preschool Instructional Coach

    Pam Brillante

    $125/hour, not to exceed $15,000

    Environmental Consultants

    Westchester Environmental, LLC


    Per test/report.  Not to exceed $10,000.

    Medical Insurance Agent of Record

    Treadstone Risk Management, LLC

    No Cost to District

    Risk Management Consultant

    The Morville Agency/Gallagher

    No Cost to District

    Student Services/Therapies/OT

    J&B Therapy

    $34/hr-$145/hr-varies per service.  Not to exceed $100,000.

    Library-Media Specialist

    4M Consulting, LLC

    $100/hr, not to exceed $5,000

    Mental Health Services

    Youth Advocate Program

    No cost to district





Notice of Contract Awarded

  • Stillwater Township Board of Education

    Notice of Contract Awarded

    The Stillwater Township Board of Education awarded the following service contract at its meeting held on November 6, 2023.  The resolution and contract are on file at the in the Board Office located at 904 Stillwater Road, Stillwater, NJ 07875 for inspection by the public.  Professional Services contract for Architect Services, Civil Engineering Services, Structural Engineering Services, Environmental & Geotechnical Services to Environetics Group Architects in the amount of $39,150 for the related work to the wall and floor crack investigation.  This contract shall be in effect from award through the duration of the project.


    René Metzgar

    Business Administrator/

    Board Secretary