• 2021-2022 Board Goals

    1.  Engage in regular Board professional development in the areas of Ethics, and Roles & Responsibilities.

    2.  Continue to maintain open communication with our community and to support the District’s communication efforts in relation to school restart and recovery during and after the pandemic.


    2021-2022 District Goals

    1.  Continue to develop and implement a plan to open school to allow for all students to attend full day, in-person while abiding by the mandates and guidelines of the Department of Education and Department of Health (Strategic Plan Goal #3: Community).

    2.  Raise awareness with staff, students, and the community on the topic of diversity and equity in education (SP Goals #2, Global Citizenship, and # 4: The Whole Child).

    3.  Utilize assessment data to evaluate student literacy levels and implement interventions to those below grade level (SP Goal #1: Teaching and Learning).