• 2023-2024 District Goals

    1. Strengthen and streamline the process of collection and analysis of student data to inform curricula and practices (Strategic Plan Goal #1: Teaching and Learning and Strategic Plan Goal #2: Global Citizenship)
    2. Refine our Response to Intervention program to include prescribed interventions for identified students (Strategic Plan Goal #1: Teaching and Learning). \\
    3. To enhance our culture of acceptance and awareness with staff, students, and the community through mental health and social-emotional learning opportunities (Strategic Plan Goal           #2: Global Citizenship and Strategic Plan Goal #4: The Whole Child) 


    2023-2024 Board Goals

    1. Coordinate with regional partners through utilization of our board liaisons to seek alternate sources of revenue including grants.
    2. Continue to maintain open communication with our community and to support the district’s communication efforts in relation to school funding changes.
    3. Continue to support the administration, staff, and students financially to the best of our ability.